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Improving Perfection

Performance and handling is our passion, but improving BMW’s near-perfect design is not easy. We focus on providing our customers with advice and guidance to tastefully transform their BMWs to push the limits of their capabilities and realize their full potential. 

Below are some of the common performance upgrades that we offer to our Pure Bavarian enthusiasts:

Turbo Upgrades for 135i 335i 535i N54 &N55 engines


Dual Cone Performance Intake offers the highest possible flow and up to 10BPH alone. It is also a first step to unlocking the full potential of the turbo motor and is essential for any additional modifications that follow.


JB4 Tuner is a very easy and affordable software upgrade that alone provides 60-80hp to the wheels on a completely stock car. It works seamlessly with the rest of the car’s systems and has various power settings that accommodate additional hardware upgrades.


Aluminum Charge Pipe is a replacement of the factory plastic part when boost levels are increased and is highly recommended upgrade to maintain reliability.


Large Aluminum Intercooler provides more efficient cooling and retains 20-30HP more than the OEM intercooler on warm days or during longer runs. 

E36 and e46 Differential.jpg

E36 and E46 Differential Upgrade:  Poor Man’s Supercharger

One of the most common performance upgrades to your BMW on the street and track is to optimize the power band of the motor and improve traction. Depending on your driving situation, whether it’s Track Use vs. Mixed Hwy and City Driving, we help you with the optimal rear-gear ratio that will drastically improve your car’s acceleration but won’t compromise drivability. We carry several Limited Slip and Open Differentials in stock for many enthusiast oriented models:  

E36: 3.15LSD 3.23LSD 3.64LSD 
E46: 2.92 3.07 (ZHP) 3.46 3.62LSD (M3)
E32/E34/E31 2.92 LSD 3.15LSD 3.64LSD

Let them Breather.jpg

Intake and Header Installation: Let it Breathe
Having decades of experience improving the airflow in most modern BMW engines with different aftermarket products, we put together intake and exhaust packages, based on your specific model, to maximize your BMWs torque and power output.

Automatic to Manual Transmission Convers
Automatic to Manual Transmission Convers

Automatic to Manual Transmission Conversion:

the way it should have come from Munich
Due to high cost of rebuilding automatic transmissions, we have started offering our performance oriented drivers a manual transmission conversion. We source and install all the OEM components, transforming your car from an automatic slush-box to a real driver’s fully manual 5spd or 6spd gearbox.

SMG System.jpg
E46 M3 SMG to 6spd Manual Conversion.jpg

E46 M3 SMG to 6spd Manual Conversion
We have worked all the bugs out of this process and offer a turn-key solution to those Bavarian Purists who have had enough of their SMG issues. When we convert your M3 into a fully manual 6spd machine, not only do we use all OEM parts, but also improve upon the stock set-up with a ZHP short shifter, heavy duty clutch, and  ECU tune, to take full advantage of gear recognition function and cruise control. When we are finished, neither you or your car will never know it started life as an SMG.


Suspension Kits: Springs, Struts and Shocks, Camber Plates, Strut Reinforcements, Control Arms and Bushings
Having prepped many track cars and spirited daily drivers, we help our enthusiasts come up with best combination of parts to optimize their driving experience. 

LS3 Engine Conversions.jpg

LS1 LS2 LS3 Engine Conversions
If you are ready to take your E36 or E46 to the next level, we offer LSX engine conversion that will easily give your BMWs 400+ HP at the rear wheels. This transplant is an intense procedure but provides the cheapest way to gain tremendous power, retaining Pure Bavarian feel.
We also take on other model conversions……as you see the transformation of the 850ci into an 860 (6.0L LS2)


BMW S54 Vanos Upgrade 
We are the only shop in Charlotte, North Carolina area to offer comprehensive Vanos repair and upgrade using Beisan Systems products. S54 motors are known to suffer from Vanos rattle, broken sprocket bolts, broken oil pump tabs, and solenoid failures. We recommend at the minimum replacing all sprocket bolts on every S54 and addressing any other wear items that can cause S54 failure. A complete list of S54 upgrade products can be found on the Beisan Product Site. 

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