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E30 3 Series BMW Produced from 1982 thru 1993 as a 318i and 325i

E36  3 Series BMW Produced from 1992 thru 1999 as 318i 318ti 325i 323i 328i M3

E37 Z Roadster and Coupe produced from 1996 thru 2002 as:  Z3 and Z3M

E30 3 Series BMW Produced from 1982 thru

Clean Valves
Fill up with high octane fuel, let the car warm up, and drive it like you stole it!

Valve Adjustment
A 15K mile service on 2.5L M20 motors that is needed to keep your motor ticking like a Swiss watch.

Timing Belt Change
 2.5L M20 motor requires a new timing belt every 60K miles.

Instrument Cluster Repair

We have many years’ experience rebuilding your clusters from dim lights, failed speedometers and tachs
to pixilation and capacitors.

Cooling System Service

Water pump, thermostat, coolant hoses, and overflow tank. An Achilles heel of most M50s and M52s, cooling systems are notorious for failing and causing severe engine damage. We highly recommend preemptive replacement of critical components in the cooling system before they fail, usually every 4 years or 60K miles.

Control Arms and Bushings

These items wear out prematurely on all e36/7 chassis and should be replaced every 60K miles or less.

Automatic Transmission Service

Lifetime fluid is a myth and any true Bavarian enthusiast knows that transmission fluid and filter needs to be changed every 60K miles. BMW dealers do not perform this service, ever, so if you are driving a car without evidence that this was done, this is service should be your top priority.

Convertible Top Service and Repair

We made ragtops our specialty and over the years, have honed in on the trouble areas with these complicated systems.

Z3 Rear Sub Frame Reinforcement

We cure the design flaw in the rear floor of the little roadsters by reinforcing the mounting points for the suspension.


E36  3 Series BMW Produced from 1992 thr
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