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E63 E64 E65  6 and 7 Series BMW produced from 2004 thru 2010 as: 645i 650i 745i 750i 760il

E63  6 and 7 Series BMWS produced from 2

V8 Timing Chain Guides
Probably the most common cause of death for all M62 and N62 V8 motors, this is a rather involved problem that is not to be taken lightly. Manifested by rattling noise in the upper engine, when not addressed, the engine starts eating itself from the inside, causing irrevocable damage. We do this the right way, replacing all the guides and timing chain covers, not leaving any gaskets unattended.


Cooling System Service
Water pump, thermostat, and coolant hoses. An Achilles heel of most M62 4.4L, 4.6L, and N62 4.8L motors, cooling systems are notorious for failing and causing severe engine damage. We highly recommend preemptive replacement of critical components in the cooling system before they fail, usually every 4 years or 60K miles.


Valley Pan and Coolant Transfer Pipe Replacement 
Manifested by a coolant leak either front under the intake or from a weeping hole, this is a very common malady that in the past required an extensive engine tear-down. We have since perfected the procedure using an after-market pipe kit, which allows us to perform this repair without taking apart half of the engine, saving you thousands of dollars.


Automatic Transmission Service
Lifetime fluid is a myth and any true Bavarian enthusiast knows that transmission fluid and filter need to be changed every 60K miles. BMW dealers do not perform this service, ever, so if you are driving a car that recently came off warranty, this is service should be your top priority.


Oil Separator/PCV Valve
This 100% failure rate item and is not always obvious unless your car burns oil and smokes like a steam roller. Every single BMW V8 is going to have this issue and if you haven’t’ replaced it in the last couple of years, it’s better to get it done sooner rather than later.


Control Arms aka Thrust Arms
The four control arms give your BMW the handling it’s known for. However, they wear out prematurely and should be replaced at 100K miles.


Rear Ball Joints
Most people won’t know their rear ball joints have gone bad, until the wheel falls off, literally. This is a critical component in the rear suspension and should be inspected on a regular basis.

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