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E28  5 Series BMW Produced from 1981 thru 1988 as: 528i 533i 528e 535i M5

E34 5 Series BMW Produced from 1989 thru 1996 as: 525i 535i 540i M5

E28  5 Series BMW Produced from 1981 thr

Valve Adjustment

A 15K mile service on 3.5L M30 motors that is needed to keep your motor ticking like a Swiss watch.

Cooling System Service

Water pump, thermostat, and coolant hoses. An Achilles heel of most 3.5L and 4.0L motors, cooling systems are notorious for failing and causing severe engine damage. We highly recommend preemptive replacement of critical components in the cooling system before they fail, usually every 4 years or 60K miles.


Instrument Cluster Repair

We have many years’ experience rebuilding your clusters from dim lights, failed speedometers, and tachs to pixilation and capacitors.


Control Arms aka Thrust Arms

The four control arms give your BMW the handling it’s known for. However they wear out prematurely and should be replaced every 60k miles, and we recommend using e32 750IL control arms, as they are by far the most durable.


V8 Timing Chain Guides

Probably the most common cause of death for all BMW M62 V8 motors, this is a rather involved problem that is not to be taken lightly. Manifested by rattling noise in the upper engine, when not addressed, the engine starts eating itself from the inside, causing irrevocable damage. We do this the right way, replacing all the guides and timing chain covers, not leaving any gaskets unattended.

Timing Belt Change

2.5L M20 motor requires a new timing belt every 60K miles.

E34 5 Series BMW Produced from 1989 thru
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