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F30 F31 F34 3 Series BMW Produced from 2012 thru 2020 as: 328i 330i 340i 335i 

F32 F33 F36 4 Series BMW Produced from 2014 thru 2020 as: 428i 435i 430i 440i

f32 and n20 engine blend.png


Timing Chain and Guides on 4 Cylinder N20 and N26

Unfortunately, timing chain guides are the weak point on the N20s and must be replaced preemptively prior to catastrophic failure. The plastic guide brakes and gets sucked into the oil pick up, starving the motor and causing major damage. Along with the guides, the timing chain and tensioner are replaced with upgraded parts. If your car is past 70K miles, timing chain and guides are no longer covered by the warranty and unless you have service records, this is the first item that needs to be addressed on these cars.


Oil Pump Drive Unit

Similar to the timing chain guide issue, the oil pump drive is also prone to fail at a very high rate in N20 and N26 motors. We highly recommend replacing Oil Pump Drive with updated parts. This repair also ensures that the Oil Pump itself is working properly and no debris is present in the oil pick up tube.


Drive Belt Replacement

Drive belt replacement is a key service item on N55 and N20/N26 engines as often a torn belt gets caught in the crankshaft pulley and ruins the crankshaft seal and in some cases can cause internal engine damage. This simple preventive item needs to be closely monitored and addressed on a regular basis.

Automatic Transmission Service

Lifetime fluid is a myth and any true Bavarian enthusiast knows that transmission fluid and filter need to be changed every 60K miles. BMW dealers do not perform this service, ever, so if you are driving a car that recently came off warranty, this is service should be your top priority.


Differentials and Transfer Case Service on all-wheel-drive (xi) models

Similarly to transmissions, transfer cases and differentials need to be serviced at least every 60K miles. BMW dealers do not perform this service, ever, so if you are driving a car without evidence that this was done, this is service should be your top priority.


Spark Plugs

This is a critical preventative item and unlike previous BMW generations, the N20/N26 and N55 motors consume spark plugs at 45K-50K mile intervals. 


High-Pressure Fuel Pump

BMW warranties fuel pumps up to 120K miles. However, these pumps continue to fail on higher mileage cars and we offer an upgraded high-pressure fuel pump at a fraction of the dealer cost.


Valve Cover Gasket:

Manifested by the smell of burning oil, this is a must-do repair that is often neglected and can cause an engine fire, as the oil drips on the catalytic converters.


Control Arms aka Thrust Arms

The four control arms give your BMW the handling it’s known for. However, they wear out prematurely and should be replaced around 100K miles.


Oil Filter Housing Gasket

This 100% failure rate item on all N52 and N54 motors and when neglected can cause the oil to be mixed with coolant.  Every single E9x BMW is going to have this issue and it’s better to get it done sooner rather than later.


Cooling System Service

Water pump, thermostat, coolant hoses. Although improved from previous generations, N20/26 and N55 motors use an electric water pump that fails without a warning. We highly recommend preemptive replacement of water pump and hoses before they fail, usually every 4 years or 60K miles.


Clean Valves for Turbo N55s and N20/26

Due to direct-injected nature, these engines are prone to carbon build up in the intake and valves. This manifests in a significant loss of power. We remove the intake and remove carbon deposits from the runners and valves, restoring your  motor to its true potential.

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